Aims & Objectives

In line with our mission and values statements, the organisation has agreed the following aims and objectives:


  • To improve the quality of life to the residents of the City of Salford and to assist disadvantaged and vulnerable people to maintain independent living within their homes. Creating employment and work experience opportunities within the environment of the City of Salford and beyond
  • To provide a service which minimises potential incidents and accidents in the home from slips, trips and falls, opportunist crime and burglaries
  • To provide a reliable, affordable, friendly and trustworthy handyperson service to businesses and organisations thus reducing exploitation by unscrupulous tradepeople


  • To provide a Handyperson service, this will include minor repairs, decorating and gardening
  • To liaise with all statutory and voluntary caring organisations to help identify disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in need of our service and provide help to maintain their independence
  • To provide a subsidised rate for disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals who would otherwise not be able to afford the service and put themselves at risk of accidents by undertaking the work themselves
  • To provide exterior maintenance and gardening services to improve the appearance of disadvantaged and vulnerable people’s homes therefore making them less obvious targets of opportunist crime
  • To provide a responsive service to install door locks, window locks, security chains and repair fencing and gates to help reduce burglaries
  • To provide trustworthy Handypersons who are CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked, carry identification cards and drive easily identified vehicles with the organisation’s details clearly marked on them
  • To provide a clear pricing policy, with differential tariffs dependent on the ability to pay, for minor repairs undertaken and free estimates for gardening and decorating
  • To issue regular quality control checks and questionnaires to our customers to ensure that we are providing whatever benefits and services are required by them and to ensure that our standards of service are being maintained
  • To effectively investigate and resolve customer and 3rd party complaints within 5 working days
  • To provide an appointment system for work undertaken, which is mutually agreed and acceptable by the customer and the organisation
  • To provide employment opportunities and training for both office staff and handypersons, to offer work experience in partnership with A4E

Helping Hands is mindful that the increase in the products we offer to an extended market will not have a detrimental effect on services currently offered by the local private sector.

The principal objective of Helping Hands, which is to provide a service to the disadvantaged and vulnerable of Salford, remains the same throughout the plan.